Web Design

Video Production

– Vlogs
– Corporate Video
– Personal Video
– Event Video
– Short Film
– Animation Video
– Commercial
– Music Video

– Video Consulting & Concepts
– Editing
– Color Grading

Web Design

Project/Event Management/Consultation

Consulting and/or as freelance/interim

– Production of Documentaries, Films & TV-shows

– Events: Social, Business, PR & Dance events/festivals

Web Design

Social Media & Online Marketing

Consulting and/or as freelancer/interim

– Social media marketing
– Youtube
– Blogging & Creative writing
– Web Maintainance
– Editing videos

Web Design


Simple or extensive, just as you wish!

Social media integration and mobile responsive.

For more information about your wishes and pricing, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Web Design


Branding of your new brand or rebranding an existing brand.

Includes a brand guide with:
– Logo
– Fonts
– Color Palette
– Mood board
– Photography branding*
– Video branding*


Web Design

PR & Promotion


Consulting, Organising & Connecting

– Product Placement
– Sponsor Deals
– Collaborations
– Artist Bookings

Niches: music industry, night clubs, dance events, DJ’s/artists, TV, Film

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